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19 Jun 2020
This is the best software I have ever used. It's stable smooth and polished. The PDF editing functions I am using -- combining files for Exhibits and Bates-stamping for legal papers -- have been flawless. The interface is brilliant -- intiutive and bullet proof so far. For the low price I am really astounded -- and grateful. Nice job Canada.
Richard USA
11 Jun 2020
I just wanted to drop a line to say "Great Software!" I purchased the newest version a few days ago. I had been using Pro 2012. I like the changes and added features. Extremely user friendly. Very easy to go from the old version to the new.

Thanks for a great software product.
Luann USA
09 Jun 2020
Great substitute for Adobe Acrobat. I've been using the free version of PDF-XChange for more than 3 years (maybe 5?) and finally made the plunge to buy the full version to give me better control over the PDF documents I've been creating at home. I have no doubt that I made the correct decision and as a point of reference I've used Adobe Acrobat at my jobs over the past 18 years. I think I've read all the published reviews for Adobe Acrobat substitutes over the years I've been using the free version and always circled back to PDF-XChange Editor. Give this software a try with the free version; you won't be sorry. You'll find it to meet all your PDF needs and like me finally break down and purchase the full version to do more.
Christopher USA
09 Mar 2020
I was not too sure where to send my feedback, but feel free to forward to your team.

I replaced Adobe Acrobat Pro DC with PDF-XChange Editor Plus today and I cannot be happier.
I used it for many hours and all I can say is: “Wow, what a difference!”
I can see you take customer feedback seriously and used the feedback to build an amazing product.

I really had a productive day, thank you.
Keep up the good work!

Martin Loubser Canada
24 Jan 2020
Your PDF-XChange Editor is a great tool!
Attention to details and a plenty of functions can be seen everywhere.
I'm surprised by the measuring tools, scale settings, everything there is honey for my eyes.
You are a great company and you create great things. Thank You and keep up the good work!
Andronx Poland
20 Dec 2019
The definitive application for PDF viewing, editing, cost and anything else you can think of for consumers and businesses alike.
Manuel USA
23 Jul 2019
PDF-XChange Pro is arguably the best pdf software suite there is, and has been so for a long time. Furthermore, is see this as a tradition continuing into the future. Just about anything you wish to do with a pdf file, Tracker PDF-XChange Pro can do it and more. I have been using Tracker PDF-XChange Pro for a number of years. I started with shareware and freeware, but features convinced me to grab the commercial version. I have had no regrets. As a researcher, I dealt with pdf files everyday and did pdfing every week. I needed the best. PDF-XChange Pro is the best. Whether it is disassembling or rearranging, extracting, reorienting, inserting or simply highlighting text, whatever the manipulation is to be done with a pdf file, PDF-XChange Pro makes it look like a cakewalk. I especially love the pdf printer because it prints every sort of file type I have thrown at it, regardless of the size too. I highly recommend this software.
Antonio J., PhD Barbados
25 Mar 2019
This is a fantastic product at any price, but especially amazing considering the low cost as compared to other similar functioning pdf editors. The interface is clean, pretty and easy to use. It is extremely intuitive and has virtually no learning curve. It fit a very specific niche for me (I needed a fully functional pdf editor that could operate without limitations within an Internet Explorer extension) and did so brilliantly, but even as a stand alone product it is head and shoulders above the rest (and I tried them all). I am particularly impressed with the thoughtfulness that is evident in the design of the interface. Even Acrobat is not as well thought out or intuitive. To put it simply, it just works! I have put it through it’s paces and nothing, including Acrobat Pro DC, can keep up and do what I needed to do. I cannot remember being this satisfied with a software purchase in my life (no hyperbole). I am work in health care and I could only wish that any of the EMR applications I’ve had to work with over the years was as well-programmed, thoughtful and intuitive and this powerful little product. Job very well done!
Justin C. Missouri USA
22 Feb 2019
Your software is the most functional and ingenious PDF Editor ever!
And the support team is marvelously efficient!
Combo "great software"+"great support"="success" :)

Carlos Silva Brazil
18 Jan 2019
I have to say, given a short learning curve, this is one of the best PDF programs out there today. The price is well within reach of most, yet the features were superior to other more expensive programs I've had trials with. I no longer feel excluded from that elusive Adobe Acrobat club.
Going forward it will replace all my MS Word and Google Docs as my standard document creator, given the overall acceptability, features and reduced size of the pdf files. (optimized)
Nice job guys!
Michael A USA

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