About Us

Our business began in the UK in 1997 to develop document management and imaging-related software. These products included TIFF and PDF digital conversion utilities that enabled the conversion of many document formats to TIFF and PDF for subsequent archiving within document management products. These standalone conversion applications quickly proved their worth and we made the decision to concentrate on the development of these utilities for the end-user and third-party software developer markets.

During the intervening years we have become a global leader in the PDF software market. Our offices are located in Canada, the U.K., Bulgaria and Ukraine. Our corporate headquarters relocated to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in 2008, where we remained until 2016 - at which time we incorporated PDF-XChange Co Ltd in the U.K. to tie together all of our interests worldwide. In the coming months it is our intention to re-brand all of our sales and marketing under this one common brand worldwide.

Our vision is to provide dynamic and powerful software for the creation, editing, manipulation and conversion of PDF documents, and our applications can convert a huge range of document formats to and from PDF. Our dedicated team of developers strive continually to improve the quality and functionality of our products. We aim to create applications that are flexible enough to meet the needs of all practitioners from novice users to professional document creators. Our software creates files that conform to the internationally-recognized ISO PDF standard, which means they are compatible with all major PDF document viewers/editors worldwide.

We welcome input from all clients and will gladly consider your suggestions for our software - we are an approachable and responsive company, and we welcome your insights into our processes of product development and improvement. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and new users are always pleasantly surprised with the speed and depth of our support services. We believe that great software should also be affordable, and this is reflected in our single-payment, lifetime-license model. We will continue to support the 'perpetual' license model - where users pay only once for our products and have the right to use them in perpetuity, even if they choose not to subscribe to our competitive annual maintenance offers for access to the latest releases of the products. Our support services are completely free of charge to all users - even those using the free versions of the products - as we believe they are a valuable source of feedback and quality control that benefits all of our clients.

We invite you to become a client and help us to continue to build the very best products and services available in the PDF software market today. So, if you are searching for dynamic and affordable software applications that create stunning documents and come with top-tier customer support - then look no further, as we believe PDF-XChange Co Ltd is everything you will ever need.


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