07 Feb 2022

PDF-XChange Co/Tracker Software Products - 2022 Marks Our 25th Year in Business.

PDF-XChange Co/Tracker Software Products - 2022 Marks Our 25th Year in Business.

2024 marks our 27th Anniversary in Business and serving our clients. We would like to say a big 'Thank You' to all our clients and friends throughout the world!

Over the last 27 years we have progressed significantly from a small team with big ambitions to a much larger team with clients around the world, some very large and some - just like we were in 1997 - very small, but with big ambitions!

Our support remains 100% free to all our users - whether they have paid for our products or use one of the free versions that we have made available from our early days. Clients using our free versions are important to us as they provide valuable feedback on features/shortcomings, and we pay equal attention to all of our users - irrespective of the size of the client or their investment with us. Likewise, we have always tried to price our products fairly and realistically from the outset, and have never subscribed to the policy of pricing products highly so that they can be massively discounted later. We believe that if products need to be discounted in order to sell then they are already priced too high, and that it's better to reduce the price for the benefit of all of our users, rather than just those who have the leverage to demand a discount. Naturally larger licenses do incorporate a significant per user volume discount - but whether you are are 'Walmart' or 'Ted's local Convenience Store' - you will pay the same price for that License.

Every user of our products pays the same price - irrespective of who they are, how large their company is, or how many times they ask us for a discount.

We expect to be here in 27 years' time - serving you as we have for the past 27 years, and we thank you all for making this possible - we will continue to strive to improve our products and our service at every step of the way.

So - a huge Thank You to each and every one of you who has supported us from the beginning, and helped us to achieve this significant milestone!

- The PDF-XChange Co / Tracker Software Products Team

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