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30 Apr 2024
Très bel outil que j'utilise depuis plusieurs années désormais, qui me sauve beaucoup de temps au quotidien et agréable à utiliser. Également une très belle dynamique d'amélioration continue très appréciée ! Continuez ainsi !
Loic Bernot Canada
17 Apr 2024
What I like the MOST is that I was able to purchase a perpetual license, at an affordable price. As for the product itself, it has everything I need and more. I'm VERY satisfied!
10 Apr 2024
It has more features than Adobe, scans better than the original scanner drivers and has such a great performance.
I can totally recommend it.
Hans-Jörg Becker Germany
01 Apr 2024
This is a wonderful tool! Before I found PDF-XChange Editor, I unfortunately referred to it as an “Acrobat alternative.” It’s truly not. It stands on its own and has more features that I would not have expected. It’s very responsive and straightforward and does a great job. Would I recommend it? You bet!
Brian Kile United States
27 Mar 2024
I like that PDF-XChange is meticulous in both reading and writing pdfs. I like the messages about errors in others' pdfs that can be fixed by PDF-X. I haven't plumbed the depths of the app yet - there is a lot to learn - but it has been easy to use some special features, e.g. converting a pdf into a spreadsheet, and the results have been surprisingly good.
Joe Raine Australia
09 Feb 2024

我是臺灣人,這個 PDF XChange 有聽別人使用過,但只有看別人使用過 Viewer,沒有看過他人使用 Editor。
我認為買錯比買貴更浪費,所以有些下載了它的試用版,試驗它的一些功能。包含單獨下載PDF xchange editor試用,以及下載PDF xchange Pro來試用。
OCR 部分準確度可以接受,而且OCR完還有分三種不同的顯示方式:可搜尋的圖片(Searchable Image)、可編輯的文字和圖像(Editable Text and Images)、精細頁面內容(Fine Page Content)。這幾種模式都各有優缺,我試用過覺得非常特別!



這個PDF XChange真的有很多貼心的功能,使用起來使用者體驗非常好。相較於臺灣國內的文電通(Right PDF),我覺得 PDF XChange 價格更低,功能也更強大,而且加一些價格就有提供一定期間的持續更新。
我個人是買 PDF XChange Pro,包含
PDF XChange Editor Plus, 主要編輯、閱覽 PDF 的程式。Plus 版的 OCR 功能有增強。
PDF-XChange Standard, 虛擬印表機,當你需要將文件導出為 PDF 的時候會用上,因為有些應用程式本身沒有內建這樣的功能。
PDF-Tools, 我個人認為可以理解為 PDF XChange Editor Plus 的功能捷徑。在 PDF XChange Editor Plus 需要五、六個步驟才能做的事情,在這個程式中一、兩個步驟就完成。
ZhiYao Fang Taiwan, Republic of China
22 Jan 2024
PDF-XCchange Editor is software full of very useful options which completely substitute for the leading PDF Editing/Viewing Software. Work very well and it is fast
Slavko Raspotnik Slovenia
27 Nov 2023
An amazing alternative to Acrobat Professional, as well as other PDF editors out there. The licensing model (perpetual license) is one of the best aspects of this solution.
Olivier Morneau Canada
25 Sep 2023
I use the PDF-XChange Editor only for the same features available in Acrobat Reader, so I can't provide a review of its PDF editing capabilities. But PDFX is far superior to Acrobat as well as the other PDF reader/editor apps that I tried.

It has a complete and robust set of tools, capabilities, and personalizations.

If anyone has ever tried to create a quick toolbar in Acrobat then you know how tedious it can be. You need to go through a tree structure about four times for EACH item that you want to add to the toolbar.

Acrobat requires that you click on Comment in order to get the Comment toolbar at the top of the window for every file that you open, but not PDFX.

PDFX has a customizable ribbon and a customizable Quick Access toolbar that functions and looks like that of Word and Excel. Not Acrobat.

In short, PDFX has much of a standardize UI that you find in many programs, which Acrobat does not have.
Michael Bachwansky United States
21 Sep 2023
Diese PDF-Software ist einer der besten die kenne und ich habe einige Anbieter von PDF-Software ausprobiert. Das Konzept im allgemeinen und die Integration in Windows und Office sind sehr gut umgesetzt. Die Einarbeitungszeit ist kurz und man kann effektiv PDFs erstellen und bearbeiten . Der PDF-Druckertreiber ist das perfekte Werkzeug, wenn man viel mit Druckereien zu tun hat. Es gab noch nie Beanstandungen - alle erstellten Dokumente waren tadellos.
Jürgen Deutschbein Germany

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