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22 Jan 2024
PDF-XCchange Editor is software full of very useful options which completely substitute for the leading PDF Editing/Viewing Software. Work very well and it is fast
Slavko Raspotnik Slovenia
27 Nov 2023
An amazing alternative to Acrobat Professional, as well as other PDF editors out there. The licensing model (perpetual license) is one of the best aspects of this solution.
Olivier Morneau Canada
25 Sep 2023
I use the PDF-XChange Editor only for the same features available in Acrobat Reader, so I can't provide a review of its PDF editing capabilities. But PDFX is far superior to Acrobat as well as the other PDF reader/editor apps that I tried.

It has a complete and robust set of tools, capabilities, and personalizations.

If anyone has ever tried to create a quick toolbar in Acrobat then you know how tedious it can be. You need to go through a tree structure about four times for EACH item that you want to add to the toolbar.

Acrobat requires that you click on Comment in order to get the Comment toolbar at the top of the window for every file that you open, but not PDFX.

PDFX has a customizable ribbon and a customizable Quick Access toolbar that functions and looks like that of Word and Excel. Not Acrobat.

In short, PDFX has much of a standardize UI that you find in many programs, which Acrobat does not have.
Michael Bachwansky United States
21 Sep 2023
Diese PDF-Software ist einer der besten die kenne und ich habe einige Anbieter von PDF-Software ausprobiert. Das Konzept im allgemeinen und die Integration in Windows und Office sind sehr gut umgesetzt. Die Einarbeitungszeit ist kurz und man kann effektiv PDFs erstellen und bearbeiten . Der PDF-Druckertreiber ist das perfekte Werkzeug, wenn man viel mit Druckereien zu tun hat. Es gab noch nie Beanstandungen - alle erstellten Dokumente waren tadellos.
Jürgen Deutschbein Germany
19 Sep 2023
We use 10 licenses at our company, it greatly helps and speeds up work. We are a copy shop, the biggest help is converting pdf files to a state suitable for printing.
Customer service responds almost immediately and provides a perfect solution to our problem. It's true, it's only been needed twice so far :)
Gábor Stadler Hungary
18 Sep 2023
I have used PDF-XChange Editor in the demo mode for years and have liked it as it very much resembles Adobe Acrobat in functions. I finally purchased a licence as I like the ability to create dynamic stamps, a whole lot easier than Acrobat. No need to learn Java script. The licenced version also unlocks all the nice features like splitting a file, combining multiple files to create a single file. And the price is very affordable compared to Adobe Acrobat. You actually purchase a perpetual licence with the option of paying for upgrades. I have tried the other PDF editors on the market but never really liked any of them either because they were too difficult to use, not intuitive, expensive etc.
Meng Lim Australia
18 Sep 2023
I’m a long time user of Acrobat Pro and over the years, it has become increasingly complex, not intuitive,, and complex. I finally decided to look elsewhere and came across PDF-XChange. Wow! What a difference! PDF-XChange is is best thing I’ve come across in. Very long time - it’s extremely powerful, intuitive, and I can’t get over how efficient it is! Also, OCT is AMAZING!
Jeff La Marca United States
31 Aug 2023
PDF-XChange Editor had completely replaced Adobe Acrobat in our architectural office workflow. This is the application that we use daily as our main tool for production, creation of PDF booklets, completion of any sort of documentation primarily issued in form of PDF. Existign booklets are maintained with ease, everything for us perfectly, sorting of pages, updating or replacing pages in PDF format. It is perferct tool for commenting drawings or any form of documentation. It its the best tool for us and it is recommended to everybody to try. Thanks to you for a good and affordable product.
Boris Volosin Czech Republic
31 Aug 2023
I’ve been really impressed by the swiftness and level of communication from Tracker Software, it’s unusual these days and is appreciated!

We decided to go with you guys after Bluebeam changed their model to a monthly license, tested PDF-XChange and were pleased with both the product and the pricing.

As we phase out Bluebeam, we’ll be in touch for more licenses.
Anonymous USA
15 Aug 2023
We have been using this software for several years now, for the price I am often surprised by what it can do. For our needs, i.e. the needs of a small business, for which it is expensive to pay overpriced Adobe product licenses, this product is fully sufficient and I can only recommend it with a clear conscience.
Roman Masin Czech Republic

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