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17 Jul 2023
I bought PDF-XChange Editor Plus as I had been a user of the free version of PDF XChange for years as it was by far the best OCR software in my experience, easy to use, and loads fast. The reason I bought the Editor Plus version was to be able to use the OCR version that uses all of the CPUs cores (i.e., multi-core OCR software). I was not disappointed. As a comparison, the free version of the OCR (which uses a single core) took 15 - 20 minutes to OCR a 205 page document that was not well-scanned. When I used the Editor Plus version, it took 90 seconds. This was with a Ryzen 7 3700X CPU (8 core, 16 thread) with 32 GB RAM.

It is also very easy to join PDF documents together and apply Bates numbering.

This software more than rivals Adobe and at a far better price than Adobe's ridiculous monthly pricing.

I cannot argue value for money when comparing with other PDF software that I am familiar with, especially given how important fast OCR technology processing needs to be for large PDF files. But if you want fast OCR technology, make sure you have enough RAM, as this software will use all processor cores and for each core it uses about 500MB RAM (I recommend 16 GB RAM minimum if you have a 6 - 8 core multi-threaded CPU). That is not a criticism of the software, as the software is just performing as advertised.
Christian Nielsen New Zealand
17 Jul 2023
For me it is the ideal program in the office-area for processing PDF documents of all kinds and it makes electronic invoicing to various customers much easier.
Markus Brand Austria
01 Jun 2023
For an SMB-size professional firm, the cost of maintaining an Adobe Business contract to satisfy PDF creation needs had become unsustainable. User resistance to change had delayed the decision, but an additional rate increase for this year's contract renewal was the final factor in terminating our subscriptions. On the advice of an IT manager from another organization, I used domain policy to distribute PDF-X Pro to a group of PCs for testing (and later to all PCs) while maintaining our Adobe subscriptions a year ago. The ability to use all the functionality (with watermarked output) on unlicensed installations is an ideal approach and provides an easy means to introduce and test PDF-X as a potential Acrobat Pro replacement. The online documentation was sufficient to get the users acclimated and determine that we could eliminate the Acrobat subscriptions when the renewal came around again this year. I bought a license pack for PDF-XChange Editor Plus and distributed the activation keys (via a simple script) to the existing installations (without reinstalling). There have been a handful of tasks which required some investigation to master, but on the whole, I've had very little resistance from the users about making the transition. While the move has not been effortless, it has been much easier than anticipated and returned considerable savings to my software budget. I fully intend to continue renewing our PDF-X license maintenance and am open to upgrading the license level to PDF-X Pro if the users demonstrate a need for it. The Tracker Software support team was responsive and helpful on the one occasion when I needed some advice. I would have no reservations in recommending the move to PDF-X for other organizations that struggle with the "Adobe Tax" for PDF creation tasks.
Joe Rains United States
31 May 2023
I have been using PDF-Xchange Editor for over 15 years. It is an excellent product that provides high-functionality and exceptional value. I highly recommend this product for the creation, editing and management of all PDF files.
George Hughes Canada
29 May 2023
To jest bardzo dobry produkt, łatwy w użyciu i bardzo wszechstronny.
Tomasz Minta Poland
10 Apr 2023
Best PDF application available: Efficient, fast, functional, innovative!
Fleig AG M. Fleig Switzerland
03 Apr 2023
I like that it is a full-featured product for a reasonable cost ... without locking a person into an unwanted subscription. Subscriptions might work for some, but I will always choose to 'own' my software and upgrade it as necessary.
George Darling Canada
27 Mar 2023
I researched an alternative to Adobe Acrobat that had an OCR function. I was most impressed with the reviews of PDF-XChange Editor. I downloaded the free version and was quite impressed. Just to ensure I had the best OCR 'engine', I purchased the mid-level version. I am very pleased! I can scan directly from the application, and then run OCR as my scanner skews pages a bit.

As with any new application, there are new menu options, etc., but I am able to search for desired functions without difficulty. In addition to scanning, I often merge files or delete pages, and these are supported.

I highly recommend this product.
Stephen Stone United States
27 Mar 2023
I wish I had purchased PDF-XChange Pro years ago because this software has exceeded my expectations with its top-notch OCR functionality and user-friendly interface. Adding comments and annotations to documents is a breeze. With its wide range of features, PDF-XChange Pro makes it easy to create, edit, and convert PDFs. It has proven to be a powerful and reliable solution for all my PDF needs. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comprehensive PDF tool.
Chad Brzezinski United States
01 Mar 2023
I can't live without this program. We are a small construction/design firm and this program is the most functional PDF editing program I have ever found.

The dimensioning, scaling and commenting is unrivaled. Trust me, I've tried the other ones. It's on every machine and is the one program I gladly pay for every time.

Here is how die hard we are on PDF-Xchange PRO - we won't switch to mac airs in the field just because of this program.
William Mcmurray United States

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