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Avg. Score: 4.5/5 Stars

An amazing alternative to Acrobat Professional, as well as other PDF editors out there. The licensing model (perpetual license) is one of the best aspects of this solution.

27 Nov 2023 06:01:09
Olivier Morneau

It is a life-saver that makes filing and documenting a lot easier. A very good product worth having and paying for. Thanks.

15 Nov 2023 16:42:51
Shun-long Chen


11 Nov 2023 07:14:17
Ali Mehrpour

Sono principiante. Ho iniziato da poco tempo a usare il programma per la compilazione di alcuni moduli e sono soddisfatto. Grazie.

10 Nov 2023 13:14:33
Mihai Chivu


09 Nov 2023 06:09:15
VALERO Philippe

+ quick, full-featured pdf editor, quite light-weight software - not able (or not known) how to select object that is visible but not on the top

06 Nov 2023 06:45:01
Vladimír Pfeffer

I used the free version of PDF-XChange Editor for a lot of years. Sometimes I used none-free features and accepted the annoying marks... The new feature I used was OCR. The first result was very promissing.

05 Nov 2023 11:04:13
Heinrich Hopfmüller

Printing functions are great. It is nice to have a function to reduce the size of the printed page to a single sheet, like in Excel.

24 Oct 2023 15:05:06

PDF-XChange Editor is by far the best PDF software I have used so far. I use PDF-XChange Editor mainly for my scientific work and I don't know of any comparable programme. Every time I use PDF-XChange Editor, I wonder how someone could write such a useful and complete PDF programme. And I mean that without any exaggeration. In addition, the pricing - compared to Adobe and other "monthly subscription" format predators, for example - is exceedingly fair.

22 Oct 2023 07:40:04
Dr. Christian Gredler

This software is a pretty great deal, and vastly more economical than anything Adobe offers. It does everything I need it to and more, and it doesn't require a monthly sub or other dystopic nonsense for a productivity tool. Highly recommended.

22 Oct 2023 07:20:27
Nick Lowery

It's a very good program! No problems anywhere!

17 Oct 2023 08:51:37
Ralf Rüddel

could test it for a long time and learned to love it... almost every feature is realized in this amazing Prog. maybe i buy the pro version just in case i want to learn more !

13 Oct 2023 04:24:44
Wolfgang Schipflinger

THis a PDF software that has worked for me for over 20 years in its prior life and now, No glitch, no issue, no problem and with actual reachable "live" support. Other soiftware specilises in collecting money through subscription and other automated payment systems and provide BOT support and other useless support such as FORUM. As long as TRACKER keeps its "HUMAN" touch I will use it.

10 Oct 2023 22:02:06
Roger Bertrand

The program is absolutely fabulous! The price is rather high, therefore I really hesitated quite some time before purchasing. However I really recommend it to everyone!

10 Oct 2023 07:19:33
Jacobus Pellis

Alles Gut!

09 Oct 2023 06:32:37
Daniel Pietrzak

I like PDF-XChange Editor

07 Oct 2023 06:26:02
Reinhard Sorger

I use PDF-Xchange Editor for years already. The current update works fine. I specially like the perfect quality of transported vector parts.

02 Oct 2023 13:56:12
Arnold Paalvast

Hello! I was asked to use this at a title company I worked for, I haven been a title examiner since 1991 and change is hard. Move along, 2 years later and company sold and didn't go well and we were laid off...I decided to make the change and be self employed! Divorced and laid off within 6 days! Wow! I have no money or savings but this was vital....so I charged it and absolutely love it still. This software helps me stay productive! It's a must!

29 Sep 2023 06:47:38
jodi didomenico

Es el programa idobeo para mi.

29 Sep 2023 06:21:42
Enric Barba Casanovas

I use the PDF-XChange Editor only for the same features available in Acrobat Reader, so I can't provide a review of its PDF editing capabilities. But PDFX is far superior to Acrobat as well as the other PDF reader/editor apps that I tried. It has a complete and robust set of tools, capabilities, and personalizations. If anyone has ever tried to create a quick toolbar in Acrobat then you know how tedious it can be. You need to go through a tree structure about four times for EACH item that you want to add to the toolbar. Acrobat requires that you click on Comment in order to get the Comment toolbar at the top of the window for every file that you open, but not PDFX. PDFX has a customizable ribbon and a customizable Quick Access toolbar that functions and looks like that of Word and Excel. Not Acrobat. In short, PDFX has much of a standardize UI that you find in many programs, which Acrobat does not have.

24 Sep 2023 21:43:51
Michael Bachwansky

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