PDF-XChange Editor Version History

Requires maintenance through 14 Nov 2023

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Fixed some security and stability issues. Click here for further information.

  • Fixed a rare but critical issue in the Enhanced OCR feature that sometimes caused an 'Unspecified error' or 'Some pages weren't OCR'ed ...'' error on specific documents.

  • Fixed 'Paste Special' issue when using the keyboard. There was an issue with choosing different paste options when using the keyboard in the context menu. (40976)

  • Restored the ability to use a "Destination" when using 'Insert scanned images'.

  • Minor fix: increased the threshold that determines when a user can begin specifying a custom size for a new stamp in order to ignore small fluctuations caused by mouse/finger twitching.

  • Fixed an issue with using the 'Cut' operation for images in content that is selected with the Select Text/Hand tools.

  • Fixed an issue related to editing images in base content. In some cases glitches were possible after making changes to images. (39671)

  • Fixed mouse/touch handling when the Hand/Select Text tool is active and then an image is selected. Previously, it was impossible to select text over the image or 'scroll-by-Hand' inside the region of the image.

  • Fixed an issue with applying icon sets via field.buttonSetIcon (41018)

Requires maintenance through 23 Oct 2023

Requires maintenance through 19 Sep 2023

Requires maintenance through 05 Sep 2023

Requires maintenance through 28 Jun 2023

Requires maintenance through 14 Jun 2023

Requires maintenance through 28 Nov 2022

Requires maintenance through 28 Nov 2022

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