PDF-XChange Editor Version History

Released Jan 22nd, 2024 . Requires maintenance through Jan 22nd, 2024

NEW Added new options to tune the appearance of the Comments pane.

Changes were made that make items more compact and to display comment text in a uniform style, and more.  We also added other minor improvements to the pane's content appearance.

NEW Added an option to make comment popups on pages more compact.

Look to Preferences > Commenting > Display compact comment popups.

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where IE or MS Edge in 'IE Mode' became unresponsive when opening PDF files.

  • Fixed an issue with restoring the last session when the application starts with a file argument (added an option to the Preferences/Documents). (41249, 41288)

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to get an incorrect bookmark root name when using drag&drop of files in the thumbnail panel.

  • Fixed angle snapping for polyline/polygon tools. Holding the "Shift" key as a modifier limits the positioning of the line to pre-defined angles. 

  • Fixed "nudge object" moves with the Ctrl+Shift combination. Previously the Ctrl+Shift key combination was not responding, this has been corrected. (41259)

  • Fixed issue with the undo/redo when adding checkmarks for comments.

  • Fixed an issue with then Comments pane.

  • Fixed an issue when 'checkmarking' comments when the UI language is set to something other than English. (41250)

  • Fixed an issue with the comment popups on pages: in some cases they may become light grey, even for colored comments. (41290)

  • Fixed an issue with resetting/importing settings after performing commands through the Quick Launch feature. (41300)

  • Fixed an issue that was present only in some very rare cases that resulted invalid shading.

  • In the Comments pane the ability to add/remove checkmarks and change status for multiple selected comments, rather than just one selected comment was restored.

  • Improve the PRC model handling.

Released Jan 8th, 2024 . Requires maintenance through Jan 8th, 2024

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