19 Feb 2024

We have hundreds of knowledgebase support articles to help you use our products and solve many support issues right now! For example ...

Many users perhaps don't realize just how much help there is available directly from these web site page - for example...

Our 'Knowledge Base' (KB) articles are designed to help you get up and running as quickly as possible and resolve hundreds of simple problems and answer questions you may have right now - rather than have to wait for a reply from one of our support team members (speedy and reliable though they are !)
For example - if you have recently had a problem on your system and had to reinstall Windows, or have simply replaced your hardware, you will need to 'deregister' your license on that old installation/hardware. Doing so will ensure that your license is disabled on the previous installation, and available for use on your new hardware. You may have thought this was not be possible if you no longer have that hardware - but it is!
Further information on how to do this is available here. 

Also - please rest assured that our support remains 100% free to all our users - whether they have paid for our products or use one of the free versions that we have always made available from our early days (and continue to do). Clients using our free versions are important to us as they provide valuable feedback on features/shortcomings, and we pay equal attention to all of our users - irrespective of the size of the client or their investment with us.

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