Viewer SDK - What to Buy?

Viewer SDK - What to Buy?

What do you need to include PDF-Viewing, Manipulation and Printing within your applications ?

If you need to build in PDF Viewing functionality inside your application - you will need one of our PDF-XChange Viewer SDK -developer kits.

The first question is really how many installations to users desktop PC's with this functionality is required ?

1: If it is an in-house application for less than 2500 users desktops - then the least expensive way is to actually purchase the PDF-Tools SDK ($599) - which is primarily not the Viewer SDK - but our creation/manipulation libraries - but also as a bonus, includes a limited distribution license for use of the Viewer PRO SDK functionality - provided you do not exceed 2500 users desktops.

This way you benefit not just for PDF viewing within your app - but also get the option to use the PDF-Tools SDK functions as well - you can read more here about the PDF-Tools SDK.

2: If you need more than 2500 desktop user installations for distribution, but less than 7500 - there is a similar option to the above, The PDF-XChange PRO SDK ($1319.00), which includes the PDF-Tools SDK, The PDF-XChange Viewer PRO SDK - and our PDF-XChange Drivers API SDK, this also allows use of the PDF-Tools SDK low level library, Acroforms creation/manipulation and also Digital Signature use. More info here.

3: If you need more than 7500 desktop user installations for distribution and are not convinced you will need our other options detailed above - you can purchase just the required Viewer SDK with a specified maximum distribution limit as required from 25,000 to unlimited for the Simple DLL version and from 25,000 to unlimited for the ActiveX version (subject to negotiation)

These start at $1006.00 for the simple DLL version or $1888.00 for the ActiveX version, both allowing 25,000 desktop user installations for distribution and going up.

The simple DLL version offers a simple way to 'rasterize' each PDF page and display and print within your app with basic functionality - you create your own look and feel and embed within your application.

The ActiveX SDK is essentially our own PDF-XChange End User product **PRO** version , will all supplied functionality ready to embed and use within your application without restrictions on functionality - download the end user version if you wish to test out the functionality you will be embedding in your application and give it try !

All the other (non viewer SDK functionality) detailed above allows for distribution to 100,000 desktop user installations for distribution - without additional licensing costs.

We recommend which ever option you decide is best suited for your needs - that you use the evaluation SDK's to the maximum prior to purchase to ensure satisfaction and only purchase when ready to recompile you completed application ready for distribution to your clients - with your license strings, to remove the demo watermarks restrictions, placed on every page of any PDF created or modified with the evaluation versions.

As we do not offer refunds after issuing licensing info.



Developer's owning existing PDF-XChange or PDF-Tools Developer SDK's are provided with the following free distribution rights to end users of their software applications:(available now) provides the developer with set of functions to create a means to View/Print PDF files within a window embedded in their software application. Both the GUI design and means of employing the provided functionality is very much left in the developer's hands and no Tracker branding is visible within the Developer's product. (available ) option is a fully featured, ready to incorporate facsimile of the End User PDF-XChange Viewer, again embedded within a Window of the application, the developer is able to hide and disable most of the controls and functions within the SDK and some GUI tailoring is possible - but Tracker Software branding is present and required from the 'About' Window of the embedded viewer. The ActiveX is also more feature rich than the Simple DLL method. PDF-XChange or PDF-Tools Developer SDK's are provided with the following free distribution rights to end users of their software applications:

 PDF-XChange/PDF-Tools SDK Type  Viewer Client Distribution
 Licences Included
 PDF-XChange Viewer Base SDK  25,000
 PDF-XChange PRO SDK  7,500
 PDF-XChange Drivers API SDK  2,500
 PDF-Tools SDK  2,500

Once the licenses provided with the any of the above Developers SDK's have been used - prior to continuing to distribute an application utilizing the PDF-XChange Viewer SDK, the Developer must purchase an additional client distribution License Pack (CDLP) available in 50K, 100K, 250K or 1 Million Client License pack's. For information regarding Royalty free licensing please contact
If a developer does not own any of the above SDK's, the purchase of a PDF-XChange Base Viewer SDK is required prior to purchasing an Client Distribution. License packs.

The PDF-XChange Viewer SDK products are not a Royalty Free product as standard - however special rates may be negotiated for large Client Distribution License packs.

Client Distribution License Packs.

Client Distribution
Pack (CDLP)

Simple DLL
US $

Active X
US $

US $

 Base Viewer SDK 25K
 Not required if you own our other PDF SDK's




















 Larger/Royalty Free




Important : Either a PDF-XChange Base Viewer SDK or one of our other PDF-XChange/PDF-Tools SDK's must be owned - prior to additional CDLP License packs being purchased.

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