PDF-XChange Shell Extensions and iFilter

Shell Extensions

The latest version of PDF-XChange Viewer now includes a Windows shell extension to display thumbnails of PDF files in Windows Explorer. When using thumbnail mode view in Windows Explorer, thumbnails of the first page in a document are shown instead of standard PDF document icons when the folder is set to view medium, large, or extra-large icons.


The download file contains two installation files – one for the viewer itself and one for the shell extension for viewing thumbnails in Windows Explorer. Installation of this extension is optional, but you might miss if you don’t know it is there.



Additionally, the shell extensions include a very powerful search tool – the PDF iFilter,  designed for end  users or administrators who wish  to  index  PDF  documents  using  Microsoft  iFilter  indexing.  This  enables  the  user  to   search  for  text  within  PDF  documents, including  all  text  in  content,  annotations,  bookmarks,  document  XMP  information title,  author,  keywords,  etc.),  and  even  files attached/embedded within a PDF.

Key Benefits:

  • Integrates with existing Windows operating systems on your home computer or computers within your company.
  • Provides an  easy solution  to search  text within PDF  documents located  on your  computer, company  network, and company intranet.
  • Greatly increases your ability to accurately locate many forms of information contained within PDF documents.  


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