PDF-XChange PRO Version History

Released Apr 29th, 2024 . Requires maintenance through Apr 29th, 2024

PDF-XChange Editor

NEW Added an option to the 'Extract Pages' feature that enables extracted pages to be opened only in the first output document. (T# 6734, 2584) (41188)

NEW Added a feature that enables the setting of page labels through page properties. (39480)

NEW Added an option to toggle all comments (and popups) on/off with a single button. (40357)

Add "toggle" buttons that can each be used to do one of two actions.
1. Show/Hide all comments
2. Open/Close all pop-ups

NEW Added the ability to move the location at which the active document is stored. (T# 6722)

NEW Added a feature that removes hyphens when copying/exporting text.

NEW Added a default behavior that zooms documents to the 'Fit Page' view with a double click of the middle mouse button.

NEW Added the ability to sort and group annotations by color when creating summaries.

NEW Added a feature that enables the placing of signatures on multiple pages. (T# 6608) (40757)

NEW Added a 'select page region' tool that cuts, deletes and manipulates page content. (T# 6576)

NEW Added document preview and thumbnails for WebDAV services.

NEW Added an option to hide the 'Enter text...' placeholder of comment tiles in the Comments Pane.

NEW Improved the 'Enhance Scanned Pages' feature. A range of new options have been added, and some existing ones were improved.

NEW Added a feature to filter bookmarks in the Bookmarks pane.

NEW Added a document thumbnail to the "ask-for-save-before-closing" dialog box.

NEW Added a preview thumbnail to the document tab tooltip.

NEW Added a 'Find and Replace' feature.

NEW Added the 'Normalize Pages' feature. (T# 5266)

Removes all redundant page/content rotations and media-box offsets, leaving the entire page's appearance identical to the original.

NEW Added the ability to skip company logos, stamps, and other graphical elements when performing OCR.

NEW Added a feature that detects edges in scanned documents, then crops and de-warps them.

NEW Added an option to choose font sizes for redacted annotations in the 'Find and Redact' tool. (T# 6754)

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with the download icon for search providers. (40344)

  • Improved the handling of the use of the 'Enter' key in dialog boxes that have preview controls. (42045)

  • Fixed an issue with removing segments in closed paths. (42108)

  • Fixed an issue with restoring/saving the last used session when the application is started from the command line. (For example, right-click in Windows File Explorer > "Open in Editor" or "Combine in Editor"). (T# 6781)

  • Fixed an issue with the page number macro when editing headers/footers that are set to even pages. (T# 6817) (41702)

  • Fixed an issue with the simultaneous selection of numerous XForm objects. (T# 6464) (40284)

  • Fixed an issue where the preview page background color was overridden in the 'Add Header and Footers' feature. (T# 6748)

  • Fixed an issue where a dialog box was hidden when toggling between two or more independent windows with open files. (T# 6649)

  • Fixed an issue with the functioning of the Enter key in the "Crop Page Tool". (T# 6860) (42045)

  • Fixed an issue with the scaling of rotated pages on overlay documents in the 'Overlay Pages' feature. (T# 6870) (42184)

  • Fixed the issue where switching from Editor to a different app and back again resulted in the loss of focus for the active text comment.

  • Fixed issues with "two-finger zooming" of pages.

  • Fixed an issue with italicized text in pop-up notes with fonts that do not support italics. (41731)

  • Fixed the issue with portfolio sub-documents. When they were opened by clicking on search results and then closed, the hidden portfolio parent remained open.

  • Fixed an issue with focus when comment popups are opened. (T# 6834) (41808)

  • Fixed a toggling issue with the 'gap between pages' option in the ribbon page layout. (T# 6843) (41879)

  • Fixed a character spacing issue with OCR. (T# 6740) (41242)

  • Fixed an issue with the integration of the 'NVidia RTX Desktop Manager' utility and the Editor window title sys-menu.

  • Fixed an issue with remembering recent folders used in the 'Full Search' pane. (T# 6863) (42067)

  • Improved the handling of PDF files that contain junk data. (T# 6838)

  • Improved the handling of files that have large amounts of text outside their page boundaries. (T# 6380, 6797)

  • Fixed character scaling for substituted fonts. (T# 6497)

  • Fixed an issue where line breaks were preventing the creation of links from bookmarks. (T# 6762)

  • Fixed an issue where the "Generate Bookmarks from Page Text" feature was skipping words. (T# 6596) (40526)

  • Fixed an issue where the "Generate Bookmarks from Page Text" feature was not recognizing ligatures. (T# 6772) (41382)

  • Fixed an issue where the "Generate Bookmarks from Page Text" feature was not saving stop words. (T# 6780) (41465)

  • Fixed an issue with shared folders on OneDrive.

  • Fixed an issue with regular expressions in the 'Find and Redact' tool. (42145)

  • JavaScript: fixed an issue with some callout properties. (40528)

  • Fixed the issues with rendering rotated images and patterns. (T# 6692, 6725, 6758)

  • Fixed the incorrect rendering of some JPEG 2000 images. (T# 6761)

  • Fixed an issue with slow rendering of some Type 3 fonts. (T# 6767)

  • Added presets to the 'Merge Pages' feature. (T#6663) (40933)

  • Added the ability to filter even/odd sheets when printing. (T# 6116) (38642)

  • Improved the renaming of named destinations. The associated "GoTo" actions are now also updated. (T# 6691) (41016)

  • Improved the conversion of webpages to PDF for the Chromuim-based browser extension and the Editor's 'New Document from Webpage' feature.

  • Added the ability to include a gap between pages for the Merge Pages feature. (T# 6529) (40498)

  • Added the ability to set the count of columns inside the Stamps dropdown list. (T# 6653)

  • Added an option of disabling the adding of a default action when bookmarks are created. (T# 6726) (40942)

  • Added the option of using the current page when creating a page range in the 'Page Numbering' feature. (T# 6550) (38402)

  • Added annotation options for the 'Set Margins' feature. (T# 6846) (41904)

  • Added the option to open more than one attachment at a time from the attachments pane. (T# 6799)

  • Added a copy of the preferences options for restoring the last used session to the 'Manage Sessions' dialog box. (T# 6786)

  • Updated the 'Find and Redact' feature. It now supports regular expressions with 'look-behind assertions' (fixed length only).

  • Improved space usage in the Thumbnails pane. (T# 6787) (41552)

  • Improved font merging. (T# 6776)

  • Improved the rendering speed in cases where documents use many copies of the same non-embedded font. (T# 6831)

  • Added the option of using macros in the "Find & Replace Bookmark Text" feature. (T# 6477) (38679)

  • Improved the capitalization options in the 'Generate Bookmarks from Page Text' and 'Change Bookmark Case' features. (T#5775) (37555)


NEW Added an 'Add Barcode' tool/action that adds barcodes with user-specified data to documents.

NEW Added a 'Run JavaScript' tool/action that runs user-defined JavaScript code snippets for input documents.

NEW Added a 'Normalize Pages' tool/action that adjusts the position and rotation of pages/content in documents.

NEW Added an 'Identify Forms' tool/action that identifies form fields in document content.

NEW Added the option of navigating through list items using the keyboard in the 'Manual Split/Merge' dialog box.

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that could result in the 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process' error when 'multi-threaded processing mode' is enabled. (41679)

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the 'The specified file cannot be found' error when 'multi-threaded processing mode' is enabled. (42096)

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in applying the 'Successfully processed files' action (Tool Info/Tool Edit View -> Tool settings -> All Options -> Input Files group) to input files that were not processed. (40506)

  • Fixed an issue where only a font subset was embedded when using 'Convert to PDF/A' in conjunction with Microsoft Word documents.

  • Fixed an issue with missing 'Allow Copy Serial Keys' and 'Allow Auto-Upgrade Serial Keys' administrative templates.

  • Fixed an issue that could result in the application freezing when 'multi-threaded processing mode' is disabled.

  • Fixed an issue with document names when using the 'Keep doc as is' method in the 'Split/Merge Documents' action.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an inability to define a page ranges for the 'Delete Pages', 'PDF to Audio', 'Delete All Comments', and 'Delete Markup Annotations' actions.

Released Jan 22nd, 2024 . Requires maintenance through Jan 22nd, 2024

Released Jan 8th, 2024 . Requires maintenance through Jan 8th, 2024

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