How To Write A Good Support Request Email.

How to write a good email

We have aggressive spam filters in place - ensuring you mention one of our products in the 'Subject' field of your email, our spam filter will treat your email as genuine.

Use this email if you have any issues registering or upgrading your product - or you are having problems converting your demo version into live use (i.e. You get our watermark/stamp/logo) on your newly created documents still and you have tried to install your product with your serial number.

Please ensure you supply your purchase info and Order details in your email - your serial number alone is insufficient !

Please, always ensure either the product or your purchase receipt number is detailed in the Subject line of your email or our Spam Filters are likely to DELETE it!

Please ZIP all files Emailed or Posted to the user forums or they will be deleted by our Spam/Virus Email Server software in an effort to thwart malicious content distribution.

When requesting support - it is important you supply us with not just a description of the problem, but some basic information of the environment the software is operating in as this often has a direct bearing on the resolution!

Minimum Information Required:

Your serial # or receipt # or specify 'demo' Version
The Version of Windows being used (W95/98/ME, NT, W2000/XP etc)
Product Version (generally available from the 'About' Screen)
(If a printer driver this will be available from the Printer properties)

Please don't post serial number/License Info on our forums - or in your sample applications (software Developers versions) - if you are having a license related issue - email for support, providing all your purchase info - not just your License and serial number.


Publicly posted serial keys and activation codes will be deactivated.

If requested to send a sample file or image - please, please do archive (ZIP) it before emailing as this saves us all time! EXE files will be rejected unless wrapped in a archived file.

If using an SDK (software developers kit) please do tell us what development software you are using and post code snippets or sample projects when ever possible and relevant.

We also recommend you to look at the article How to Report Bugs Effectively which may help you to ask for help and receive it much quicker and efficiently.

Thank you!
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