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22 Feb 2019
Your software is the most functional and ingenious PDF Editor ever!
And the support team is marvelously efficient!
Combo "great software"+"great support"="success" :)

Carlos Silva Brazil
18 Jan 2019
I have to say, given a short learning curve, this is one of the best PDF programs out there today. The price is well within reach of most, yet the features were superior to other more expensive programs I've had trials with. I no longer feel excluded from that elusive Adobe Acrobat club.
Going forward it will replace all my MS Word and Google Docs as my standard document creator, given the overall acceptability, features and reduced size of the pdf files. (optimized)
Nice job guys!
Michael A USA
02 May 2019
Pros: The interface is so easy to use - much easier than Acrobat! The menus are more easily customized, and functionality seems much easier to find. The "Add Text" feature is my favorite. It's so much easier to pinpoint exactly where I want to insert the text and then to adjust it to where I want it to be. And it is also easier to adjust the size, typeface, etc. It's so intuitive, and I like the interface better than any of its competitors. Best of all, it was so much more reasonably priced! In my office, three of us have the Tools package and one of us has the PRO package. We use it daily. I use it to prepare annotated reports for clients and redline drawings when we close out construction projects. It's so nice to have easily-manipulated tools! We've also just begun using the batch tools. I am a huge fan of this software!

Cons: The only thing I don't like about this software is that it does not have the ability to automatically detect fields when creating forms. The Tracker Software team has promised in the forums that it's on their list of things to implement, but has not given a definite date for this to happen. When it does, this software is going to be PERFECT.

Overall: It was a replacement for Adobe Acrobat 9 that I previously used. I didn't want to go to the subscription-based software, and I actually ended up LOVING this software much better than I ever did with Acrobat. And that's saying a lot - I was a very brand-loyal Adobe user!
Cindy B. Closeout Specialist & HR Administrator Telecommunications, 11-50 employees Used the software for: 1-2 years
21 Jan 2019
I have paid outrageous amounts of money over the years on the purchase price and upgrades from Acrobat 6 through to XI. Acrobat XI was the killer. Locked toolbars and unable to adjust to high resolution screens. The final straw was ending support in October, 2017, and encouraging people, once again, to pay substantial amounts of money for Acrobat DC. Setting aside the requirement that I would have to keep a door open to their cloud, the DC UI was a geek nightmare. Once again, locked, and a design that looked more like the kind of web page that scares you off before you fully load. I have put PDF-XChange through its paces and am well pleased. Much of the work that I do involves rather bad scans of academic journals and your OCR has come through with very few errors. The interface is clean and well designed and even though I am a classic UI kind of guy your ribbons are tempting and I may well migrate. Finally, I appreciate that you have a Canadian base just up the coast from my family in Victoria. Nicely done!
Jim Driscoll Canada
21 Jan 2019
I'm using the licensed version for some years now, after using the free version for a while. Back then the Adobe products were solely read-only (no editing at all) and Tracker's version was giving full editing (save for forms) for about 30 bucks, which was dirt-cheap, but if you shell out a bit of money you can edit the text in a PDF (quite useful sometimes), summarize comments, create and/or edit forms. Not every Joe Average needs this functions, but if you need them, then Tracker's solution is giving you the best bang for the buck . I also had several instances when I contacted support and got always competent and rapid responses; sometimes I discovered bug(s), sometimes I oversaw something. Highly recommended both as software and as support experience.
Alexandru C. Germany
22 Sep 2016
Regarding the Tracker Administrative Template.

... It is a fantastic addition. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention. This is simple and clean. I'm a big fan.
Chad Roffall IT Specialist
21 Jan 2019
I am a writer here in Vancouver BC Canada. I need a flexible PDF Program that offers many options. The demands put onto me limit any waste of time. So, various PDF/OCR Programs were tested over 8-months, four were kept right until I made a decision. These were all well known programs. The one I decided upon without hesitation was PDF-XChange Pro. Let me be clear, money was not the deciding factor, it was overall operational ease of use with well thought out features built in. I still use Adobe on my other server, but my clear favorite is PDF-XChange Pro. The Team that put this together deserves to be given the highest ratings.
Gary G. Canada
27 Jan 2016
I checked out the PDF-XChange Editor and purchased it. It was faster than the Foxit Reader and has highlighting of the search terms. It is just the software I need! It enables me to be more effective in evaluating the many PDF research papers I have in my digital library (over 10,000). It has more commenting features and a better and faster file search (with context of line, paragraph, etc.) than Adobe Acrobat. Plus all the other features. I had been using Acrobat for years but not all that happy with the 'feel' of the new DC version. The 'kindergarten' style is not for me

Best regards
Andrew USA
21 Jan 2019
I've been using this for many years and have been impressed, from the very beginning, as to the features and flexibility bundled into this suite of tools. It's the ONLY one I recommend when someone asks me about PDF files. The PDF Tools (or Toolbox as I call it) has so many useful features, it's mind-boggling. If you do ANY work with PDFs, this suite of tools provides, BY FAR, the best combination of features for the price as far as I'm concerned.
Steve USA
04 May 2016
I have used your products for years.
They are awesome, and the prices are fair.
I don't know if you just added the simplify page feature, but it is awesome.
If you added it a while back I will kick myself for struggling for so long printing websites to pdf.
Thank you!
I wish I could use this at work instead of Adobe Acrobat.
S. Tucker Texas, USA

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