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18 Aug 2021
I’m the partner assigned to IT at our small law firm (less than 10 attorneys).

We have used PDF-Xchange for several years. I switched to PDF-Xchange after trying out 10+ different alternative to Adobe Acrobat, including Foxit Phantom, Nitro Pro, and Nuance Power PDF. PDF-Xchange has the great balance of a fair price, relative ease of use, and speed (even on slower or older computers). The OCR has been improved and is, in my opinion, on par with Adobe Acrobat (a bit less than pure OCR software, but I don’t need perfect in that area) and is fairly fast. The company supports the software and user suggestions are often implemented.

Give the software a try; it’s worth your time.

For legal users, does bates stamping and redacting like a champ and handles very large pdfs (I do trial work....) without an issue.
Jonathan USA
20 Jul 2021
I've used Tracker Software's PDF-XChange products for over seven years and they do a superb job of handling and editing my PDF files. The PDF-XChange Editor is powerful, intuitive, easy to learn and use, and has an excellent and detailed User Manual. Best of all, it has allowed me to get rid of that user-snarly Adobe bloatware from our computers.

Also, I've said this to many people over the years and it still holds true: I've owned and worked with computers since 1985 and Tracker Software has far and away the best customer support of any of the countless IT-related companies I've ever dealt with, bar none. Instead of days or weeks, an email question to Tracker's customer support is normally answered in hours - frequently in only minutes - and the answers are always clear and informative. In my experience Tracker's customer service is absolutely the best in the industry!

Thanks for a first-class product and for being such a pleasure to deal with over the years. I'll continue to highly recommend Tracker Software's products every chance I get.
Al New Zealand
25 Jun 2021
Honestly, I am impressed on how much development and improvement on UI. I had PDF Exchange Viewer 2012 and the new features are 1.000 times better. I congratulare your team for such an effort to excel on a winner product. You should feel proud of your team effort.
Alberto Araya Costa Rica
16 Jun 2021
Just want to post an unsolicited comment!! I have been a loyal user of your product for many years and can’t say enough good things about it. It makes my day to day activities so much more efficient!! Probably one of the best pieces of software I’ve ever purchased. Kudos!

Thanks for the extraordinary support!
Quinton Miller USA
26 Mar 2021
Customer service and listening to customer's needs is what really sets Tracker Software apart!
This is one of the reasons why I will always recommend your software to my friends and business partners.
Add that PDF X-Change Editor is a terrific software and that is honestly priced as well... for me it's a no brainer!
Diego Viola USA
03 Feb 2021
You may think this is wind-up but I just bought a licence for PDF-XChange Editor and I have to tell you that this application is incredible. I have to tell you that PDF-XChange Editor is BY FAR the best PDF viewer editor I have ever used, and I've been looking for a viable, fast, no nonsense alternative to Acrobat for decades. It actually make's PDF's (including large CAD drawings and graphics heavy documents) a joy to use, which I never thought possible. It's features, ease of use and common sense, no nonsense design makes Adobe Acrobat look ridiculous.

To whoever designed this application, I just want to say BIG thank you; I've tried dozens of PDF applications over years and they all fall on their face, but PDF-XChange just delivers.

Thanks, this application should be the first choice of anyone that needs to read and edit PDFs without having to bang their head against a brick wall and pay through the nose to do it.
Chris Taylor London, UK
01 Feb 2021
I’m a freelancer and my business is a big success thanks to PDF Xchange and all the good things it does for me.

I prepare books for publication, and PDF X is the software I always use to submit the books for printing. Why? Because all of the online platforms and printers always accept my PDF-X PDFs for printing, never telling me something isn’t right, whether it’s the book’s interior, book covers that I create, or both. They tell me—great job—and never find fault with the PDFs. When I used Adobe Acrobat’s PDFs or Word’s PDF versions for book and/or cover submissions, there always were problems with those PDFs—resolution, color—one thing or another. I also create forms for customers, and I use PDF X to help me with software conversions of all types.

Whenever I get into one of my messes, PDF X’s tech support team is always there to quickly help me through it and ALWAYS has a solution for me. If a customer wants something special and I don’t know if or how it can be done, I go to PDF X’s support team. They always have an answer, and they are ALWAYS quick to answer.

Is it any wonder I love PDF X so much?
It’s amazing.
And so is their support team.

Grove, Oklahoma USA
Grace Michael USA
09 Oct 2020
You guys are always fast!! This program has been wonderful for me to use, and the customer service has been phenomenal!
Casi USA
19 Jun 2020
This is the best software I have ever used. It's stable smooth and polished. The PDF editing functions I am using -- combining files for Exhibits and Bates-stamping for legal papers -- have been flawless. The interface is brilliant -- intiutive and bullet proof so far. For the low price I am really astounded -- and grateful. Nice job Canada.
Richard USA
11 Jun 2020
I just wanted to drop a line to say "Great Software!" I purchased the newest version a few days ago. I had been using Pro 2012. I like the changes and added features. Extremely user friendly. Very easy to go from the old version to the new.

Thanks for a great software product.
Luann USA

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