19 Jul 2011

Duped Users buy 'hacked copies of PDF-XChange ...

Duped Users buy 'hacked copies of PDF-XChange ...

We have recently been made aware of several clients who have unwittingly purchased what they thought were licensed copies of PDF-XChange - only to find they could not be activated and would only run in trial mode - don't be fooled - if its significantly cheaper than the versions listed on our web site - its probably such a version.

 If a reseller does not appear on this page of our web site - you are almost certainly not buying from an approved reseller and the risk of buying a pirated or 'Hacked' version is greatly increased.

Your credit card and personal details could also be compromised - it really is not worth the risk for just a few dollars saving - you could end up seriously regretting your actions for the sake of a very small saving !

One particular site selling such versions is based in eastern Europe and has been in business for only a few weeks - yet one user who did not question why the price was half that listed with us, still went ahead - despite the web sites Contacts list only giving another detailed list of dubious software being available.

This serial number: PXP40-8HFT3-QTWZ1-QK2DN-MEUOP-VXG20 is routinely offered out as genuine and functional by fraudsters and on user group forums and hacker sites - but in reality we blocked this serial number some considerable time ago and have had many 1000's of users attempt to register it and register on our site with it for upgrades - and in doing so have provided us with valuable information to combat such fraudulent efforts.

If any reseller provides you this serial number to activate your purchase - there is no doubt - you have been duped -  and should contact Visa/MasterCard/Amex/PayPal etc immediately and seek protection and a refund.

If you are unsure if a reseller is legitimate - contact them directly - or better yet - contact us and we can advise you specifically if they are.

Also - please note - Amazon and EBay are not an official reseller's and we do not officially list any of our products on any Amazon or EBay portal - do check carefully before buying !

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