12 Apr 2010

We have added new servers and changed our email domain to...

Over the years many users have been confused as to our correct company name due to the use of the tracker-software.com domain - the history of this being that our first ever product released in 1998 was a document management product called 'Docu-Track' - from which emerged our current range of 'XChange' software products and suites for PDF and imaging creation, manipulation and viewing/printing,

What does this mean for you ?
We will reply to all emails from the new 'Tracker-Software.com' domain - the preceding email account(s) name  will remain the same - so for example support@docu-track.com will become support@pdf-xchange.com  and so on.

Further, for the immediate future all email addressed to any email address at our old 'docu-track.com' server will be forwarded to the correct and corresponding account on our new 'tracker-software.com' server - but we would strongly recommend and you change your address book info now to ensure no issues are encountered at any future date.

Will our web site address be changed to match ?
In the coming months (but not just yet!)  we will be changing our primary web site address to www.tracker-software.com however - as with the email domain - any attempt to connect to www.docu-track.com will again be forwarded to the correct new domain - once in place.

We hope these changes will help to avoid confusion in the future and make our identity a little more logical and straight forward to navigate - we appreciate your patience and understanding as we progress through with these changes.

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