02 Feb 2010

New web site launch - Advance Notice ...

As many may have noticed, our site can be slow down at certain peak times - due to the major increase we have experienced in the popularity of our products over the past months and consequently those using our web site and download mirrors - therefore to combat this and to accommodate our 100% new web site we have made a major investment in new servers and upgraded bandwidth.

During the course of the week beginning 1st February, most likely Wednesday 3rd Feb 2010, we will launch our new web site and hardware/bandwidth - this could mean possible connection issues and some initial teething problems as a new server is also be installed to manage and improve the speed of our site generally.

This could also mean some delays for some users whilst the Internet registration body updates our DNS entries that convert all literal Internet addresses from text to 'IP' addresses.

We apologize in advance for any problems this may cause and thank all our clients in advance for their patience during this major update.

We should also advise in advance of another change coming in the course of the next few weeks - our primary URL/web domain will also be changing to www.tracker-software.com so please do not be alarmed if you see your web browser being redirected during the course of your browsing our site or requesting a download.

Kind regards
Tracker Software Products Ltd.

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