30 Dec 2009

PDF-XChange Viewer - Update blocks possible vulnerability

Important Security Update issued 30 December 2009:
PDF-XChange Viewer Product Range – upda
te to release 2.044 recommended.
After consultation with Secunia Research (
http://www.secunia.com) Tracker Software Products Ltd has issued an update to all versions of its popular Free/Licensed PDF-XChange Viewer product family including both end user and developer product ranges.
On December 29th 2009, Secunia notified Tracker after testing, of the potential for malicious code to be executed to compromise users systems via PDF files, using a very specific means - though no such exploitation is known to have occurred to date, we felt we should act with some urgency to protect our clients.
Within 24 hours we are pleased to confirm an update was issued to all products blocking any such opportunity and all clients and developers are urged to update any versions of our PDF-XChange Viewer product to ensure that their systems are safe guarded.
All PDF-XChange Viewer and Viewer SDK versions prior to release 2.044
should be updated to a later release.

The PDF-XChange Viewer (FREE or PRO) is also offered as part of the PDF-XChange Lite,
Standard and PRO, and PDF-Tools product bundles - users of these products are urged to
update therefore also.
Developers using the PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX SDK are urged to also update their clients
systems as soon as practical with a later release of their products incorporating the Viewer
SDK Version/Build 2.044 or later.
A full system uninstall, restart and re-install is recommended using downloads from the page
links below:

End user installer options:
Developer SDK installer options:

Please rest assured we take the integrity of our clients systems and enviroment
very seriously and strive to ensure our products are of the highest quality on every level.

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