28 Feb 2022

COVID-19 Work from Home License Variations Extended to September 30th 2022


COVID 19 - 'Work from Home' License 'Terms and Conditions' variation extended for users of PDF-XChange and PDF-Tools products.

Early in the spring of 2020, as many parts of the world faced the initial realities of trying to live and work with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, we volunteered a variation of our normal EULA terms in an effort to assist our clients who were working from home. This variation allowed all of our clients to install and use our products on the equipment of staff working from home. Before this variation was available, all commercial users had to own the equipment on which our products were installed. We have decided to extend the date for which this assistance is available to September 30th 2022.

This decision was made because many clients continue to find themselves in a position where it is unwise/unsafe to require staff to work in an office environment on company-owned equipment. Therefore we have decided to extend this relaxation of our EULA licensing for a further period of time, subject to the following conditions:

1. As always, you must own a sufficient number of licenses to cover all staff who will be using our products - regardless of their location.
2. As always, each license you own permits one user to utilize our products, and that user may install the product on one desktop PC and one laptop/notebook/tablet - provided they are the primary user of both devices. We do not now - nor have we ever - supported or offered licenses based on the 'concurrent' user licensing model.
3. During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic we will relax our normal location and equipment ownership rules on installation as follows: staff of commercial users may install our products on their home and personal equipment - irrespective of where they are located - provided as always that conditions 1 and 2 above are met.
4. As of September 30th 2022 - or as soon as staff at any licensee's office return to working full-time on their normal office environment (whichever is the earlier) - all copies of our products must be removed immediately from any home/personal equipment, and our normal EULA terms will resume.
5. The variations detailed above shall expire for all users on September 30th 2022, and our normal EULA terms will then be automatically reinstated, irrespective of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic.
6. If you cannot or will not accept any of the above variations to our terms and conditions, in full and specifically conditions 4 and 5 above - then we do not offer you the right to utilize the voluntary license variations detailed above.
7. After September 30th 2022, we may or may not choose to extend the expiry date of the variations detailed above. Please contact us nearer that time - or visit our website - for further news and updates.

Kind regards and good health - from all of us at PDF-XChange Co Ltd/Tracker Software Products Ltd.

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