12 Mar 2021

Tracker Software Ceases Sales of all Software Developer Kits - March 12th, 2021

Tracker Software ceases sales of all SDKs from March 12th, 2021.

It is with some sadness that we are announcing the cessation of sales of our software developer kits, which were first introduced in early 2001 with our Tiff-XChange and PDF-XChange Driver SDKs.

These were our very first products released for direct sale to clients, and for a long time were the backbone of our revenue stream. However, over the past fifteen years or so, our end-user application products sales have hugely outperformed our SDK sales and the latter have proved to be somewhat of a distraction to our primary development goals. 

We will cease offering extensions to existing maintenance agreements immediately in order to allow for a 'tapered' reduction in support and updates over the coming months. A complete cessation in functional and service updates is expected by the end of our version 9.x releases, which is anticipated to be during the latter part of 2022, although this date is not definite and subject to change.

We would like to thank all those who have supported us in relation to our SDK products over the past two decades and we wish them every success for the future. We will of course continue to offer support and updates to all clients with maintenance agreements that have extended terms, and will continue to do so until the expiry of those agreements.

Our SDK products will continue to allow you to create feature-rich applications with PDF functionality for many years to come, and they will not cease to function as a result of not being available for purchase. There is no built-in "time out" for these products, and all applications that contain our SDK functionality will continue to operate as normal. 

If you require any further clarification or assistance in relation to this issue then please contact us and we answer you as soon as possible.

- The Tracker Software Products Team

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