14 Mar 2019

Upcoming price changes on April 1st for PDF-XChange End-User products specific license volumes.

With the upcoming release of V8 we at Tracker Software Products have taken the opportunity to address some often mentioned anomalies in the pricing of some of our volumes licenses which do not fall in line with the natural congruency of most of our pricing. Specifically the following volume license breaks have been adjusted : 500 User, 1000 User, Corporate Site & Country Pack licenses. As of April 1st 2019 these four volumes in each end user product offering will be adjusted to align with the rest of our volume price breaks.

As well, due to dramatically extended & rich feature set now enjoyed by our revamped PDF-Tools application, license prices will increase to allow us to continue to extend and develop this award winning application as the license bundle includes not only one of the most powerful and customizable PDF batch processing applications on the market, but as always the ever popular PDF-XChange Editor and PDF-XChange Lite printer. We feel the price has always been on the generous side, but as more and more features have been introduced in both the major component products, that PDF-Tools licenses have out grown their current price in both value, usability and benefit to users. We wanted to give all of valued customers, and resellers the heads up that this price change is on the roadmap and scheduled for Spring 2019.

Note that new prices will take affect April 1st, and any formal or emailed quotes received are valid for 30 days from the quoted date, except CDN $ offline order quotes which are always valid for a max of 7 days from quotation date.

Sales Team
Tracker Software Products

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