26 Apr 2017

Local Goverment users - new license groups offered, price changes from May 1st 2017.

Local Government users - new license groups offered and price changes from May 1st 2017

Local Government users now have their own specialist licenses to avoid confusion over volume user groups coverage ....

These licenses allow for 4 differing bandings based on Geographical coverage (e.g. Local/Municipal or Provinicial/State/County etc and the number of users required, all allow for multiple departments and services such as Administrative, Educational, Emergency Services, Health, Planning etc - provided the users are employed directly by the local Government body or are employed by Agency/Administrative body to work exclusively for the Local Government holding the License itself.

Pricing information is available at the bottom of our pricing page here;

These licenses are not intended for use by National/Federal Government users or 3rd party contractors or consultants etc. For more information on these licenses or if you are a Federal Government user requiring Volume licensing information  -  please contact our sales/support team.

New Prices from May 1st, 2017

Please note that due to the volatility of the currency markets - particuarly in the EU - this has now been delayed until September at the earliest so as not to adversley affect prices for our European partners and clients.

On May 1st we will be increasing the retail prices of some of our larger Volume user licenses from 1000 users and upwards ONLY, please note this will not affect the price of Maintenance which will be fixed at the current pricing levels (approx) for all users !

The costs on the larger licenses will increase by approximately 20% to reflect the extended features in these products and also the long term price/volume license costs per user that has grown between the value offered in our smaller versus larger licenses and we have been unable to ignore this any longer. We have however maintained the cost of annual maintenance to all users to acknowledge the loyalty and support of our valued clients in all volume licensing bands - for which we are ever grateful and would not want to alienate.

We are 20 years old this year !

Finally - a somewhat muted announcement of our upcoming birthday - yes we are getting older!  Thanks to all of our Resellers, Clients and our dedicated team of developers and staff here at Tracker - thanks to you all - we are still here and flourishing - Thank you !


Best Regards,

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