26 Apr 2013

PDF-XChange Editor - Gold release !!!

We are very pleased to announce the formal 'Gold' release of the PDF-XChange Editor build 301 today Friday April 26th.

This is the formal upgrade available to the PDF-XChange Viewer and is now our primary product offering for the Viewing,  modification and printing of PDF files, a comprehensive specification and feature chart is available from this link;


Here are some general notes and FAQ's for user's;

1: To download and install please visit this page on our web site;


2: The PDF-XChange Viewer Live Update will not upgrade your installation - these are strictly speaking 2 separate products and will co-exist on your system as such, you must specifically download and install the Editor independently.

3: PDF-XChange Editor will replace the PDF-XChange Viewer as a component of our other product installers progressively over the coming 14 days - but for now it is only available as an independently installed product. So if you have purchased PDF-XChange PRO, PDF-Tools or the PDF-XChange Viewer and your license was issued after Jan 1st 2012 - your serial number is valid and will function in the Editor - but you will need to download the installer independently from the link given above.

4: We have promised we would be generous when it came to offering an upgrade path to the Editor due to the delays in releasing and in keeping with this here are the rules in regards the upgrade options that will apply;

a) You have purchased any of our products which include the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO since January 1st 2012 - your existing serial number will unlock all 'PRO' licensed functionality in this 'Gold' build of the PDF-XChange Editor - no action is required in terms of product license upgrades etc.

b) You purchased one of our products incorporating the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO prior to Jan 1st 2012 - but your maintenance expired on or after May 31st 2012 and you have not renewed your maintenance. We will provide as necessary a serial number giving full unrestricted access to the full feature set of the PDF-XChange Editor Gold build free of charge.

c:) You purchased any of our products incorporating the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO prior to Jan 1st 2012 and your maintenance expired prior to May 31st 2012 - your existing serial number will not function in the new PDF-XChange Editor and either a discounted product upgrade or Maintenance renewal is required, please contact us with your existing license details and we will be pleased to provide further information/costings as appropriate.

Going forward ...

Future updates to the PDF-XChange Editor will require you have product maintenance in place - this Gold release will not cease to function if you have a currently valid serial number - but your access to future updates will be curtailed.

Therefore if you wish to update to later builds as we offer updates and feature enhancements a new serial number will be required in subsequent builds and we will be increasing the price of all our products and consequently maintenance by the end of Sept, 2013 - so we strongly recommend if you like what you see now and wish to have access to future updates and feature enhancements, please ensure you update your maintenance plan now as this will be more expensive from end of Sept.

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