04 Mar 2013

PDF-XChange Editor - release date.

PDF-XChange Viewer Version 3 - upgrade to Editing - release date set !

We are pleased to advise that the long awaited release of the PDF-XChange Viewer upgrade, including editing options, will be released as a 'Candidate' release on December 27th 2012.

Update: 27th December, 2012.
Update: 4th March, 2013.
The V3 Candidate release is now available from this link


All existing, valid PDF-XChange Viewer Version 2.x license holders will have access to use this candidate release (including those having purchased products bundling the PDF-XChange Viewer; such as PDF-XChange PRO versions 4 and 5 and PDF-Tools Version 4) - though do note this candidate release will cease to function, other than in trial mode, approx 1-2 months after release, at which time new serial numbers will be required, as the candidate release will, by this time, have been superseded by a 'Gold' release - these will be issued, free, to all users with valid maintenance in place, or who have purchased in the preceding 12 months.

Until we make available the 'Gold' release - expected during March 2013 - we will continue to install, by default, Version 2.5x of the PDF-XChange Viewer, rather than the Version 3 Editor.

This will be an optional download available to all users - either as a trial version (e.g. you hold no license and therefore will have access to the FREE functionality, as now, in Version 2.5x) or using a license (the full unlimited product as it stands).

For more details on features and licensing please visit the PDF-X Editor/PDF-XChange Viewer 3 page

Please note, as always, the above information is subject to change without prior notice.

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