30 Aug 2012

PDF-XChange V3 Beta

PDF-XChange V3 Beta

PDF-XChange Viewer/Editor - Version 3
We will be releasing a version 3 beta (or perhaps 'Alpha' is a better description) later today for licensed clients with current/valid maintenance.

This Beta will be the first of several and will have limited functionality initially - the primary features we are wishing to demonstrate and test are the editing and rendering available. As said previously some functionality is simply not complete yet and some we just don't want to expose until much closer to the final release and therefore have disabled or hidden.

To be provided with a link and password to the installer you will be required to sign and complete an NDA agreement and then email or fax to us;

Email : sales@pdf-xchange.com
fax: (00) 1-250-324-1623


Please note unfortunately we will not be able to provide access to any client in a location where realistic or economic recourse and enforcement of the NDA is not practical.

Many thanks

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