26 Oct 2023

We have changed our Web Site and Email URL/Domains today Thursday, October 26th

Important Information regarding our online web domain and email domain name changes...

From Thursday October 26th we will change our online master domain name and email services domain from www.tracker-software.com to www.pdf-xchange.com - so if you currently have us 'bookmarked' in your browser or as a contact in the 'address book' of your email client - you will need to update these from that date.
For some time in Europe we have been known as 'PDF-XChange Co Ltd' and we are beginning the process of changing our identity both online and offline to 'PDF-XChange' worldwide - which is our most successful product line and brand and we will progressively retire our original name and branding of the past 26 years or so from 'Tracker Software Products ...' to 'PDF-XChange Co Ltd' which as many of you will know is the parent company of Tracker Software Products (Canada) Ltd and has been for some years. 

From the 26th of October if you try to reach our web site using any old links or bookmarks etc - you will be redirected to the master domain and web site - https://www.pdf-xchange.com and any emails sent to our current email server will be redirected to the same contact using the correct new email domain - for example ;
support@tracker-software.com will be redirected to support@pdf-xchange.com.
sales@tracker-software.com will be redirected to sales@pdf-xchange.com.

Please update your contacts info and bookmarks as soon as convenient - in the case of email addresses - these will function now if used. Should you have any issues - please do let us know and we will do our best to assist in a timely manner as always.

Thank you.
PDF-XChange Co Ltd/Tracker Software Products (Canada) Ltd

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