Product Maintenance Explained

Annual Maintenance OptionsAll licensed users receive a minimum of 12 months free product maintenance from the date of purchase. You can also optionally choose to extend this at the time of purchase from 12 months to 24-36 months. The cost is based on the published price for the product in question and usually 20% for a 12 month extension or 30% for a 24 month extension.

Existing License owners

If you did not choose to do so at the time of purchase, you may extend your maintenance at any time during the first 13 months of ownership or before your current product maintenance expires. Once again - The cost is based on the published price for the product in question at the time you wish to extend your maintenance plan - 25% for a 12 month extension or 37.5% for a 24 month extension. Please log into your client account to view the available maintenance options.

To add maintenance to your existing license - you must own the currently available version of the product in question - if you did not purchase a maintenance plan at the time of purchase and your license was purchased in excess of 13 months ago - you will need to upgrade your license to the latest release from you client account (you will be offered a discount from the full retail price!) and should you wish to do so - you will at that time be offered the option of a maintenance plan to remove the need to pay for future upgrades as an additional cost to your license.


Avoid the cost of expensive upgrades, renew your maintenance subscription today.

What is Product Maintenance?

All PDF-XChange product purchases include 12 months free maintenance from the time of purchase, the benefits of keeping your maintenance subscription valid include:

  • Free Minor build updates released for your purchased version of the software
  • Free upgrades to all new major versions of your purchased software released during maintenance subscription
  • Access to Special Offers as they become available
  • Up to date security patches and downloads and replacement serial keys if required.


This does not mean that your current licensed products will cease to function or that the license will expire. Your license will work in perpetuity for any version of the product released during your term of active maintenance.

How to extend my Maintenance Plan before it expires?

Extending your product maintenance plan options are available on the MyAccount Page when you log into your account on our website here:

  • You will see all products you've purchased listed and in the Action column to the right of each product you will see the option to extend the maintenance for another 1 or 2 years.
  • Simply click the extension option you would like to add it to the shopping cart and proceed through the checkout.
  • Once the transaction has completed you will receive a new maintenance expiry date and a new serial key (if required) stated on your invoice and the new expiry date displayed beside your products on the MyAccount page
  • Should you have any questions regarding extending maintenance or cannot access your account on our website, please direct all inquiries to


though some discounts may be available after your maintenance expires to move to new Major Versions, the cost of keeping your Maintenance Plan up to date is far more economical then any upgrade discounts offered to users who want to upgrade with expired maintenance subscriptions.

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